How Much Does Divorce Cost?


Everyone’s divorce will be different, but the typical range is between $10,000 and $30,000.


Why is this so high?


One reason is because there’s so much to do. You and your former partner had a life together, and now that life needs to be split in two. How will the children be looked after? What happens to all your property? What about your liabilities? Can you afford to keep the house, or will it have to be sold? It’s far from simple.


The second reason is because lawyers are expensive. They’re highly trained, highly intelligent professionals, and they’re in high demand. A “cheap” lawyer in a major city or town will generally charge at least $300 per hour. Now think about all the documents they have to draft, all the letters they have to send, all the telephone calls they have to make. The costs quickly add up.


So, what can you do?


Some firms are more committed than others when it comes to keeping costs down for their clients. One good example is using online processes to let you do some of the groundwork yourself. These tools run through the basics of your situation with you, in your own time and your own pace, saving you money when you’re ready to speak to a lawyer.


Find a law firm that’s committed to keeping down costs