Do We Have To Fight?


If you’ve seen a Hollywood movie lately, you might think that divorce is a battleground of lawyers, gamesmanship, abuse, and treachery. That may be the case in one or two divorces in Australia, but most people realise that the less they fight, the better the outcome will be.


What do you gain from fighting?


The short answer is, nothing! The more you fight, the longer your divorce will take. This means more stress, more uncertainty, and more money on legal fees. On the other hand, if you work cooperatively to resolve the issues in a reasonable manner, your divorce can be over within a few months, leaving you free to move on with your new life.


How do we avoid fighting?


The best thing you can do is to both engage sensible lawyers, who can steer you towards a mutually satisfactory resolution without descending into petty squabbles or legal technicalities. Unfortunately, not all lawyers are created equal. This list contains some of the best in each major city.


Fortunately, advances in technology are meaning that some law firms are able to advise both parties simultaneously. This is great news for divorcees, as it means you and your former spouse can receive consistent advice on your rights and obligations, allowing you to reach a fair and reasonable resolution without spending years of your life arguing over every petty grievance your lawyers can dream up.


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