Can I Divorce Online?


Five years ago, this would have been a crazy question. But today, with advances in technology, divorcing online is a reality. People have been doing it Holland for years, and now Australia is catching up. A growing number of Australians are now choosing to get their divorce started online, saving them both time and money.


How does online divorce work?


Sophisticated law firms typically use intelligent questionnaires to gather all the relevant information about your situation. This is done on their website, whenever and wherever it suits you. They then plug this information into artificially intelligent algorithms, to generate helpful advice and information to assist you in getting your bearings. When you’re ready, you request an appointment to see a lawyer, who will get your information file and not have to waste hours asking you your date of birth or how you spell your middle name.


If you are separating or considering a separation, you are well advised to consider the online resources available to you.



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